Letters to the editor Saturday

City contractors left a layer of grass clipping behind on the FEMA lots in Magnolia Park. Grass clippings also were scattered on the street and left in a drainage ditch (Cornelia Stumpf photo).

City taxpayers clipped by shoddy contractors


I really hope that elected city officials can come over and look at the FEMA lots in Magnolia Park. Miraculously, right after I did send the city a 311 request, a private contractor with two mowers came to mow the lots in question. The problem is that our taxpayer money again was wasted on this job, as not only all the grass clippings ended up in the drainage ditches and now are blocking even more the drains as before, but there are grass clippings all over, including on the street. The job was terrible. The city crews did a much nicer job when they came once and a while.

I really do not get this. Why pay people to do an awful job, just to say it was done?

We have to reclean the street , as we just had blown and cleaned that up in front of our property.Woodland Drive is full of grass clippings now. If a privately contracted yard person does this, they get fined, but again obviously that standard does not apply to city contractors.

The west-side ditch is totally filled up with grass clippings as high as the rest of the lot. The ditch is gone.

I am sure elected officials do not have tax money to be wasted like this.


Magnolia Park



Real reason for the eclipse holiday

I see that all the school systems are declaring an inclement weather day for the solar eclipse. What a bunch of malarkey — the lawyers are making them do it.

That way they cannot be held responsible for any idiots that decide to look at the sun without protective gear. It’s just another example of fear of being sued. I have seen a couple of eclipses over my life and the best place to watch them is on TV or with a shadow box.

When I was young they taught us how to be responsible and not to do stupid things. Granted some people don’t listen but that is “their” responsibility.

These are just my thoughts. I have them sometime.




Kelly was right: Woe is us

Yes, we know Putin feels aggrieved and wants to restore Russia’s status and thus is doing what he can to destabilize Democracies. He sees everything the West does through a prism of misplaced distrust.

Yes, Putin interfered in our recent presidential election and while we are focusing on Russian collusion the North Korean and Iranian pigeons are coming home to roost on Trump’s doorstep.

Seventeen years ago Bill Clinton engineered an agreement with North Korea which allowed them to cheat and subsequent president’s kicked the ball down the field.

Obama’s Iran deal is producing the same migraine for America’s current president.

Meanwhile, we are also consumed by displeasure that Hillary failed to win over “deplorables,” the Republican Congress have proven totally impotent in addressing serious issues we face in health care, border protection, illegal immigration and tax simplification etc.

America is more dis-united than since the ’60s as the mass media obsesses over its contempt for Trump and the fact that it has been on the wrong side of most everything political for years.

Liberals and progressives are taking the Democrat Party in directions that are so far left their followers prefer socialism over capitalism and their youth are smitten with Bernie. These same youth do not have a clue about what socialism means and what misery it has wrought. They do not even know where Venezuela is on a map.

Our universities are swarming with professors who teach socialism and their students protest the views of those with whom they disagree. One way to destroy a democracy is through its education system.

While all of this is happening, North Korea’s Fat Boy is pursuing his goal of reaching nuclear status and delivery capability and we continue pursuing Russian collusion.

Trump is now faced with two bad choices. He can ignore North Korea, as previous presidents have, or he can attack North Korea. Everything in between these extremes is rapidly evaporating but at least we can fall back on Russian collusion.

Trump-haters must be assuming their fetal position knowing he, not their cherished Hillary, has his finger on the red button. These inherited pigeons are now his concern and that should concern and unite Americans from whatever political direction but it will not because America is adrift and no one is willing to oar in the same direction because they are self-absorbed and consumed with bitterness and fear of having their precious ideological beliefs challenged by facts. We must not forget “Black Lives Matter,” sanctuary cities and states should defy federal law, rights of illegals take precedence over those of citizens and the wealthy are to blame for everything under the sun because poverty still exists and everyone’s wants remain unfulfilled.

Kelly was right — woe is us.

But, while war looms on the horizon we have our local newspaper cartoonist to entertain us and keep us focused on the biggest threat of all. You guessed it — Russian collusion and the length of Trump’s tie.




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