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The implications of climate change are facts


This letter is in response to the May 16 letter to the editor by Bennie G. Williams (“Save global warming stories for next April Fool’s Day”).

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I have enjoyed reading many articles by your reporter Mary Landers, specifically “Study: Rising seas may cause population to shift inland,” however, you can imagine my disappointment when I see that not everyone understands the importance of environmental issues in our community.

Climate change and its implications are not “preposterous ideas” — they are facts. If anyone needs to hear about these facts, it is the people of the Coastal Empire. The residents of Tybee Island are already being directly impacted by the effects of climate change; according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the beach community has experienced 10 inches of sea-level rise since 1935. The seas aren’t “suddenly going to rise” — they already have been at an alarming rate. Tybee Island is frequently cut off from the mainland due to tidal flooding. In 2015, these floods occurred on average every two weeks (23 times in one year). Residents might not be fleeing for their lives, but they are being stranded on their island homes.

I believe that purpose of Landers’ article was to provide the residents and business owners of the Coastal Empire with pertinent, factual information regarding their community. It is unfortunate that many still believe that anything published with the words “climate change” or “rising sea levels” is still perceived as “pushing a liberal agenda” rather than simply informing the general public about the certain dangers they will face in the future.

More than a year ago, Tybee Island became the first Georgia community to officially acknowledge the climate change threat. I believe this is a huge step in the right direction; by accepting peer-reviewed reports and implementing sustainable beach management practices, we can prevent (or at least limit) the destruction of our coastal community. Some will choose to perpetuate a product of doubt around climate change, but others can choose to provide information to citizens, protect residential, business, and ecological communities, and limit further damage of our coastal environments.




Ringer’s columns loaded with laugh lines

I have ignored this newspaper for many reasons, not the least of which was your Trump for President endorsement last November. The Opinion section, in particular, has always been irksome because it’s never been a forum for opposing viewpoints.

You’ve undoubtedly done a demographic study to determine that your readership is older, conservative, and suburban/rural; therefore, it’s a risk to print a viewpoint shared by more urban, educated, liberal readers. Robert Ringer’s May 11 column “Time for radical left to be put under oath,” would have elicited a more angry response from me just a few months ago, but now it’s just high comedy.

I guess you’ve exhausted the usual slate of conservatives to feature in this section because even they’re bewildered by the daily onslaught of Trump headlines. Ringer thinks “…it’s time for the radical left to be put under oath …” Hilarious! The “Dirty Dems” and “Horrible Hillary.” I’m still laughing! We get it. Yes, it’s a rallying cry for the Trump supporters suckered by this boorish, incompetent huckster who ran on a promise to drain “the swamp.” Instead, he’s created a toxic cesspool to flounder around in with the rest of his administration. Many appointees are smart, but they’re not wise, and others are unqualified for the positions to which they have been appointed. The scandal, conflicts of interest, and lawsuits courted by this administration will stymie its ability to get anything done, and that’s the good news. The irony of the latest security breach resonates so nicely with anyone who remembers Trump assailing Hillary Clinton for a private e-mail server. Ringer’s piece can be seen as an entertaining look at the alternate reality promoted by Trump defenders. The ridiculous notions in Ringer’s tirade are laugh lines. Who needs Colbert or SNL when we have the Opinion section of this newspaper?




Pitts wrong about white support for Trump

Your columnist Leonard Pitts, “Deep animus of the white working class,” May 15, refuses to accept the real reasons Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Pitts implies that Americans who voted for President Trump are racists, suggesting Trump channeled their racial and cultural animus.

President Obama proclaimed that he would fundamentally transform the United States and he certainly did that. Clinton, if elected, would have rubber-stamped all of President Obama’s far left agenda and continue to push our government in that direction. For that reason, in spite of Trump winning the GOP Primary, “Anybody but Clinton,” was a huge motivator for people to vote for Trump.

I can’t speak for everyone as to why they voted for Trump, but I do know some of my relatives that have never voted before, registered and voted for Trump.

Too many Americans are fed up with politicians and Trump was their best way to tell Washington, Hollywood, and especially the media to kiss their behinds.




Democrats blundering toward irrelevancy

Since the election, I’ve failed to identify any positive proposal that the Democrats have brought to the table, since in fact they have no interest in sitting at the table. Doubling down on their shift to the left, and still licking their post-election wounds, they endorse their supporters who are taking to the streets and wreaking havoc. Republicans were as devastated by Romney’s loss, but they moved on. The left’s primary goal, aided and abetted by “fake news” is a 24/7 assault on President Trump, be it FBI Director Comey’s termination, for which the Democrats were screaming before the election, or the unconstitutionality of the president’s $1 salary.

Using odious terms like Fascist, Nazi, KKK and Hitler demonstrates the depths of depravity to which they’ve degenerated. The latest catch word “resistors,” born of Hollywood and street rioters, denotes all anti-Trump, all the time. If anyone doubts in which direction the party is careening, Tom Perez as new chairman of the Democratic National Committee lays that question to rest. Someone who says, “white people are not entitled to protection under the voting rights act because it would create dramatic complications” is their choice for party leader. Blinded by ideology, they are still in denial and lash out like children. While voters grow weary of their sophomoric contrivances, the party blunders toward irrelevancy.


Bluffton, S.C.

Bernie Evans 5 days ago

Tim Cowles, thank you, amen!

I've offered to do a 750 word guest-column to answer Robert Ringer's nonsense.

What do you think the answer was?


They know I would rip that guy limb by limb.


Danny Lewis, you couldn't have it more wrong if you tried.

Pitts was clear, and you, obviously, like most righties, read his piece until you found a point-of-outrage.

IE, Pitts said no such thing.

Don, you say the same thing every letter; take Valium like a normal person.


ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS are now skirting treason...what say you now that we know all we know?


Bernie: I don't think that Love and Peace Liz will like being called a traitor; she will have an attack on you pretty soon.  I am thinking about demanding a special prosecutor to deal with her.
Ronald Harrison 4 days ago
She'll just copy and paste her previous posts.
Bernie Evans 5 days ago

Thanks, Rebecca, excellent letter!

I've always said, Mary Landers alone is worth the price of this paper.

Her and Streeter.

Jewel Sanders 5 days ago
It seems that whenever there is a letter or comment from the right concerning Democrats they always seem to go back to Republican created talking points that has little to nothing to do with reality.

Maresca's letter is filled with your typical right wing beliefs that has little to do with reality but it does fit the long time narrative that Republicans crafted years ago about the Democratic party.

It would be interesting to read something from the right that wasn't so old news and was based on facts. 

If Maresca believes that the Democratic party is heading toward irrelevancy, something that couldn't be further from the truth,  I submit that the Republican party has already reached senility.

The party of no ideas, no new proposals, no innovative thoughts or plans for this country.  Same old talking points that were boring or laughable decades ago still being used today.

If it wasn't for gerrymandered districts, the archaic electoral college and their efforts to suppress the votes and lastly, unfortunately, people voting against their own best interest the Republican party would be about as relevant as the Libertarian party.
Ed Fahey 4 days ago
Nice balance in today's LED's, the luddites to the realists. Gophers/Trumpeters vs. free thinkers.
i have been around for a long time, so I remember many pundits in the past like Mr. Ringer.  They were and he is an intelligent propagandist.  It started for me as a very young man interested in politics with attacks on Harry Truman and all non-reactionaries.  Then these propagandists accused their opponents of being Communists and subversives, just like Ringer does.  Remember Sen. Joe McCarthy?  Westbrook Pegler?  And William F.  Buckley, Jr. before he abandoned anti-semitism?  Then we got the Birch Society.  Remember them?  Then Pat Buchanan whose every pronouncement and book is pro-Hitler and pro-Fascist.  Buchanan is the original Donald Trump.  These people have perverted Americanism in their own anti-American interests.  They have perverted religion:  among Protestants with the evangelical movement of the Right; among Catholics with the right wing anti-semitic traditionalists, the integrists, whom I call the Fascist Party at Prayer:  they loved Mussolini and Franco, and Hitler too from a safer distance.  Pat Buchanan and his ilk represent them very well.  I don't know Ringer's background but I would bet he is either an evangelical or a Catholic Fascist -- if not, he is just someone misusing his intelligence for evil.
Ask yourself, why are all the talk radio lunatics on the Right denying global warming.  To me it is obvious.  They believe that strong concern for the environment will hamper the capitalistic drive for profit.  Profit above health, profit above the general welfare.  Remember the president who said ( before my time and yours) that the Business of America is Business.  To think that America and its promise can be reduced to making money!  What a disgrace!   But one which deserves Donald Trump whose only goal has been money and ego.  So I recommend you consider climate deniers like evolution deniers:  propagandists of evil.
There was a time when I voted mostly for Republicans and liked Fox News.   Even at my age I can still learn something.  Republicans I now know are charlatans and Fox News is the Joseph Paul Goebbels channel. 
Kudos to Ron Rosenstein!  And kudos again.  He knew that Trump had used him to excuse his firing of Comey.  So what did Rosenstein do: he picked Mueller who will be the final executioner of Trump and then announced the appointment to the White House AFTERWARDS, not seeking any consultation with Trump; this was a conscious and well-deserved lack of respect for a president who has no respect for anyone or anything beyond his own sick mental needs and his quest for money and notoriety.  Disrespect for Trump is the beginning of wisdom.

The 35% of Americans who voted for Trump will have to get used to the truth, painful as it will be for them.  Let them go back to their crack and opioids and their guns and their bibles.
Danny Lewis:  you are right about Pitts who is a race hustler.  But there is not doubt that Trump seemed to some, to many perhaps, as the Great White Hope after the Left's Great Black Hope.
William Hutcheson 4 days ago
Tell me. When global warmists or climate changers or whatever this week's designation is, when they attend conferences in distant cities wouldn't walking there be the most morally upright thing to do? Or at least teleconferencing.    
William Hutcheson 4 days ago
Great minds :-) 
Patricia Wells 4 days ago
William, we probably need to go back to only fireplaces for heat (but aren't trees part of the eco sysrem)  I guess we could burn coal but that's pollutes the air too so thy say.  As for electricity, candles will just have to come back.  Maybe one kerosene lamp per household can be allowed in each.


Mon, 05/22/2017 - 9:53am

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