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McDonald’s donates lockers to RHHS athletics

Most fans of Richmond Hill High School sports will never see the results of a donation made to the school’s athletic department by local McDonald’s owners Gary and Jill Stanberry on Thursday morning but the impact on some of the school’s athletic teams will be significant.


The Stanberry’s gift of $10,000 will go to purchase 96 state-of-the-art 96 new lockers to be used by the football and track teams at the school Mickey Bayens, RHHS athletic director said.

“You will be amazed at how nice they are,” said Bayens.

Head football coach Matt LeZotte said after making do with what they had his team was excited about the upgrade to their locker room

“Thank you to McDonald’s for helping us out. …Track will have a home to go in the springtime. We are going to share the wealth and have a top-notch facility. We are really excited to share in that. Thank you so much for a very generous donation and the support. We can’t do it without the support. We started a motto this year, we are ‘building the Hill,’ everything we do is building the Hill, and this is definitely part of that process, you are definitely helping us build the Hill. Thank you so much,” LeZotte said

Gary Stanberry noted that part of the McDonald’s motto and creed is to give back, and that education and athletics are things they are passionate about.

“…It is certainly our privilege to be able to do this, help you guys out, help the school out and the cross country team and all the athletics who will take part in this…,” he said.

The two feet wide by two feet deep by three feet high lockers, each with an individual combination lock are expected to be installed during August.


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