Vox Populi: ‘There’s very little difference in the words pets and pest.’

“The man who vented about his taxes being used for maternity health care obviously did not have a birth mother. He must have been hatched in a lab.”


“Animals are smart. If you don’t want them on your property, shoot them with the hose. They will get the idea and stay away. Wish I could do that with people sometimes.”

“Where in Savannah can I go to have my weather radio programmed?” [Editor’s note: Your radio should’ve come already programmed. Weather radios are programmed to receive alerts for all S.A.M.E. County Codes within range. If you want this setting, leave the radio set to “ANY.” If you would like only one or a few counties: Determine the counties you are interested in and retrieve those S.A.M.E. codes.]

“Ms. Susan Gray of Savannah wants to rewrite history. What an original idea. Those who rewrite history eventually find they have no history to tell and worse yet, none from which to learn.”

“Finally, finally, great article in your paper by Robert Ringer! He did such a great job of outlining all the negative aspects of the radical left in our country. Everyone should read it!”

“The traffic light at I-95 coming on to Pooler Parkway is a joke! It lets about three cars through!”

“That Robert Ringer is one angry man with a third-grader’s gift for name-calling and the telling of tall tales. What a waste of space!”

“Regarding all the recent Vox Populi comments about cats and dogs, I have a saying: There’s very little difference in the words pets and pest.”

“The president has thrown so many staffers under the bus the wheels don’t touch the ground anymore.”

“Hey Trump: Please stop lying. You work for us, not vice-versa.”


Wed, 09/20/2017 - 5:51pm